Flavie-Laurent Centre

Attentif aux besoins essentiels de la personne

Item Donations

liviPlease bring your donations at 450 Provencher Boulevard;

  • Monday to Friday, 8am – 4 pm
  • Saturday 9:00 am to 1 pm

If you have large items to donate (things that do not fit in a car ) that you would like us to pick up, call 204-233-4936 or 204-231-9513 or email us at fl@cflc.info.  Please keep in mind that we can only remove large items (items that require 2 people to move) from the main floor of houses or if they are at ground level outside or in a garage.  Any items that are both wider and taller than 47″ are subject to a $40 fee.  There is also a fee to take tube style televisions (25″ or less $20, over 25″ is a $40 fee)

To receive a tax receipt for your donations in kind please print, complete and remit (to our drivers) this FORM

We accept the following :

  • mattresses, boxsprings, bedframes
  • bedroom furniture; dressers, night tbls, armoires, etc.
  • cribs & baby accessories
  • Kitchen tables & chairs
  • living room furniture; sofas, loveseats, arm chairs, end tables, etc.
  • working appliances; washers, dryers, fridges, freezers, stoves, etc.
  • clothing, bedding, linen, etc.
  • Donate your vehicle to Centre Flavie Laurent to raise funds for us. Click here to find out more.

(*) Please note that we are unable to receive article donations from CFL clients.

Cash donations can be brought in person to the CFL . Your receipt for tax purposes will be mailed at the end of the year or emailed to you immediately.

Note : Items that may not be essential to the needs of a person in a state of poverty or of which we have too many could be used to raise funds to help pay for the operational costs of CFLC .

Centre Flavie-Laurent

The CFLC strives to be an effective ally in the battle against poverty so that the most vulnerable may live in a dignified manner.



450, boulevard Provencher
Winnipeg, Manitoba
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