Centre Flavie-Laurent

Attentive to a person’s essential needs

We are in urgent need of a new location. Please consider donating today to help us reach our goal of $1.7 million so that we may continue to help tens of thousands of families every year.

We give free furniture , appliances , household goods and clothing to those in need . We sort , store and distribute goods and clothes we receive from donors to help the poorest. ( Between 60-100 families are served daily. )
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How to help…

Monetary donations

As a charitable organization the Centre relies on donors for financial support to continue its work.


We are always looking for volunteers. If you can help please contact us at 204-233-4936


Make your requests items from our expansive inventory. To receive the items you need to come

Item Donations

We welcome donations of items. Please bring your donations at 450 Boulevard

Centre Flavie-Laurent

The CFLC strives to be an effective ally in the battle against poverty so that the most vulnerable may live in a dignified manner.



450, boulevard Provencher
Winnipeg, Manitoba
R2J 0B9