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Centre Flavie-Laurent will be hosting its annual fundraising banquet on Thursday November 14th at the Centre culturel franco-manitobain.  Contact us at or by phone at 204-231-9513 for tickets and more information.

BOOK SALE – Sunday October 20th 10am-4pm

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CTV report about CFLC

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View a recent report about what we do…

“St. Boniface Centre Helps Poor Stretch Dollar”

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Watch this CBC news report. click here

Seeking help every week

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Busy, busy, busy… we currently help 350-500 famillies every week.


See a graphique of the last statistiques. doc1

Annual Reports

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2005/2006 Annual Report

2006/2007 Annual Report

2007/2008 Annual Report

2008/2009 Annual Report

2009/2010 Annual Report

2010/2011 Annual Report

2011/2012 Annual Report

2012/2013 Annual Report

2013/2014 Annual Report

2014/2015 Annual Report

2015/2016 Annual Report

2016/2017 Annual Report

2017/2018 Annual Report

2018/2019 Annual Report